Lead Training

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other local and state regulatory agencies require EPA lead certification to work on projects that may have lead paint. There are several lead paint certification courses that you can attend to receive your EPA lead certification. If you do work or plan to do work that may impact lead paint, then you must be EPA lead certified or you could face fines of up to $37,500 per day, per infraction.

The EPA has developed several lead paint certification courses and only accredited training providers can teach them and issue EPA lead certification to students. Lead paint certification courses vary in length due to the complexity and detail of the training program.

Atlas offers a large selection of locally provided EPA lead paint certification courses to meet your certification needs.

EPA Lead Renovation

Designed for compliance with the EPA RRP Rule. This course is intended for all contractors and professionals responsible for projects performed on a pre-1978 residential property or child-occupied facility.

EPA/State Lead Supervisor

This Lead Abatement Supervisor Initial training course provides information on lead-based paint abatement, occupant protection and regulatory requirements. In addition to the core topics of the Lead Abatement Worker Class, this course features advanced topics for site supervision, including: effective supervision techniques; specifications and contract documents; regulatory record keeping; regulatory review for supervisors; legal issues; insurance and bonding and supervision of abatement work site activities.

EPA/State Lead Worker 

Certification as a Lead Abatement worker allows individuals to perform lead abatement work activities. The lead abatement worker initial course agenda includes instructions of the following topics: The history of lead, types of lead, uses and applications; health effects and medical surveillance requirements; current state and federal regulations; air monitoring and sampling; worker protection equipment; establishing high integrity lead abatement work areas and proper abatement practices and procedures.

EPA/State Lead Inspector

This lead Inspector certification course is required for those individuals who want to conduct surface by surface investigation to determine the presence and location of lead-based paint in housing, child occupied, commercial and industrial facilities. This Lead Inspector course provides information on lead-based paint inspection activities including regulatory requirements, methodologies and reporting requirements.

EPA/State Lead Risk Assessor

This Lead Risk Assessor initial certification course is required for those individuals who want to conduct lead-hazard investigation and control activities. Certification as a Lead Risk Assessor allows individuals to conduct on-site investigations to determine the existence, nature, severity, and location of lead-based paint hazards. The Lead Risk Assessor refresher training course provides information on lead-based paint investigation and reporting results and options for reducing lead-based paint hazard.

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